My mishpocha

Mishpocha is a Yiddish word for all family members by blood or marriages and also extended family who are treated as part of the family. I’m including those families who are not my blood relatives, vis a vis, they are my mishpocha.

  1. Eisenkramer’s and Baum’s from Germany
    My grand uncle Raymond E. Block married Helene Eisenkramer
  2. Fleisman’s, Frankland’s & Weil’s
    My uncle Alven Simon Ghertner married Jean Claire Fleisman
  3. Levy, Picard & Weil from France
    Benjamin Louis Levy, Jr. married Mary Louise block, my 1st cousin, 1X removed
  4. Marx from Germany
    The mother of Lynton Scharff, my grandmother’s second husband, was Esther Marx.
  5. Pfeifer’s from Germany
    Emanuel Gabe “EG” Levy, Jr.,my 1st cousin 2X removed, married Elizabeth M. Pfeifer
  6. Strauss’s and Altschul’s from Germany
    Leslie Marks, my 2nd cousin 1X removed, married Alvin W. Strauss, Jr.
  7. Tailaferro’s from Italy
    Velma Pauline Taliaferro married Rayomd Emile Block, Jr, my 1st cousin 1X removed
  8. Terry’s
    My step uncle, Eduard Lynton “EL” Scharff married Bette Catherine Terry
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