Yahrzeits – December

Yahrzeit is observed on the Shabbat following the anniversary of a person’s passing. For simplicity, I am using the Western calendar rather than Hebrew because that would be too unwieldy for me.See this link.

Yahrtzeit is a Yiddish word that means “anniversary,” and is used specifically to refer to the day on which a person passed away. On the day of the yahrtzeit, there are various customs one can do to honor the memory of the departed. As with kaddish and yizkor, the observance of the yahrtzeit, particularly for parents, has the ability to bring great benefit and merit to the soul of the departed.

This calendar first displays the current date regardless of the page you are viewing but it can be rolled forward to a date in which you are interested.

Name Birth date Birthplace Death date Death place Relationship
Leonard Cooper Ghertner 27-Oct-1917 Nashville, Tn 4-Dec-2002 Palm Beach, Fl my father
Grace (Rhine) Bloom 1899 Albany,New York 12-Dec-1926 Pine Bluff, Ark my great grandmother
Henry S. Levy 1852 France 12 Dec 1895 Port Gibson, Mi Ben Levy Jr’s great grandfather
Benjamin Louis Levy,Sr 1895 Port Gibson, Mi 13-Dec-1960 Shreveport, La Ben Levy Jr’s father
Caro Inez (Weil) Levy 07 Aug 1896 New Orleans, La 13-Dec-1962 Shreveport, La Ben Levy Jr’s mother
Harriette Beer May 1825 Alsace, France 15-Dec-1900 Port Gibson, Mi Ben Levy Jr’s grandmother
Leslie Gilbert Gruber 23-May-21 Memphis, Tn 19-Dec-1977 Memphis, Tn my uncle
Robert Allen Rosen 4-Jul-1947 Little Rock, Ar. 24-Dec-2013 Little Rock, Ar. my 2nd cousin
Jean (Fleisman) Ghertner 5-Jun-15 Nashville, Tn 25-Dec-2005 Nashville, Tn Alven Simon Ghertner’s wife
Frank Samuel Fleisman 25 JUL 1892 Nashville, Tn 29-Dec-1970 Nashville, Tn Jean Fleisman’s father

Blood relatives color coded.

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