Questions asked on the 1910 US Census (13th)

1910 US Census Questions (see blank form) (see Census site here for 1910)
William Howard Taft

William Howard Taft

U.S. President: William Howard Taft
Population: 92,228,496
Census date 1 April 1910
Time allowed: 1 month
US States 46

Street / house number

  1. Dwelling houses numbered in the order of visitation
  2. families numbered in the order of visitation
  3. name of each person whose place of abode on april 15, 1910 was in this family….include every person living on / april 15 – omit children born since april 15.
  4. relationship of this person to the head of the family sex
  5. color or race
  6. age at last birthday
  7. whether single, married, widowed or divorced (and some put Ml or M2)
  8. number of years of present marriage
  9. number of children born
  10. number of children living
  11. place of birth of this person
  12. place of birth of father of this person
  13. place of birth of mother of this person
  14. year of immigration to the United states
  15. whether naturalized or alien
  16. whether able to speak English; or, if not, give language spoken
  17. trade or profession of, or particular kind of work done by this person, as spinner, salesman, laborer, etc.
  18. general nature of industry, business or establishment in which this person works, as cotton mill, dry goods store, farm, etc.
  19. whether an employer, employee or working on own account
  20. if an employee; whether out of work on april 15, 1910
  21. if an employee; number of weeks out of work during the year 1909.
  22. education: whether able to read
  23. whether able to write
  24. attended school any time since sept 1, 1909
  25. home; owned or rented
  26. home; owned free or mortgaged
  27. farm or house
  28. number of farm schedule
  29. whether a survivor of the Union or Confederate Army or Navy
  30. whether blind (both eyes)
  31. whether deaf & dumb
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