Pseudo family trees

Our family tree is maintained at and I’ll be glad to share it if you ask me. There is no charge to explore it.

The intricacies of a family tree are far more complicated than can be managed with the software I use on this website. Nonetheless, I have done my best to share a bit about our ancestors at these links.

Both Emile Levy (emigrated to Arkansas) and Loeb “Leopold” Levy (emigrated to Port Gibson, Mississippi) were from France but I’ve found no evidence they were related.

Paternal side of my family

  1. Fleisman, Frankland’s and Weil’s my uncle Alven Ghertner’s in-laws
  2. Ghertner’s

Maternal side of my family

  1. Block’s – my 2X great grandparents
  2. Bloom’s – my 2X great grandparents
  3. Eisenkramer’s & Baum’s – in-laws of my grand uncle Raymond Block, Sr.
  4. Gruber’s & Cohen’s – Pappy’s son-in-law
  5. (Emile) Levy’s – my 2X great grandparents
  6. (Loeb) Levy’s, Picard’s & Weil’s – in-laws of my cousin Mary Louise Block
  7. Pfeifer’s – in-laws of my cousin Emanuel G. Levy, Jr.
  8. Rhine’s – my mom’s maternal great grandparent’s, Solomon & Fredricka Rhine
  9. Scharff’s & Marx’s – family of my step-grandfather Pappy Scharff
  10. Strauss’ & Altscul’s – in-laws of my cousin Madolyn Levy
  11. Taliaferro’s – in-laws of my cousin Raymond Block, Jr.
  12. Terry’s – in-laws of my cousin EL Scharff


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