These famous individuals were mishpocha

These individuals are related by marriage to descendants of  Theresa Bloch (Rabbi Wise’s first wife) and also his first cousin,  Solomon Block, my 2X great grandfather.

Dr. Isaac Mayer Wise    Rabbi, the Architect of American Reform Judaism in America)
Adolph Simon Ochs  (New York Times owner and publisher)
Arthur Hays Sulzberger  (New York Times publisher 1935-1961)
Arthur Ochs Sulzberger (New York Times publisher 1963-1992)
Louis B. Mayer  (Movie producer, MGM Studios)
David O. Selznick  (Movie producer, Academy Award Winner *)
Jennifer Jones  (Actress,  Academy Award Winner *)
Robert Hudson Walker  (Actor, star of Alfred Hitchcock thriller,  Strangers on a Train)

* David O. Selznick won Oscars for Gone With the Wind (1939) and Rebecca (1940)
* Jennifer Jones won an Oscar in 1944 for Best Actress in Song of Bernadette
Dr. Isaac Mayer Wise    husband of my 1st cousin 4x removed  (link)
Adolph Simon Ochs  husband of my my 2nd cousin 3x removed (link)
Arthur Hays Sulzberger  husband of my 3rd cousin 2x removed  (link)
Arthur Ochs Sulzberger 4th cousin 1x removed (link)
Louis B. Mayer  maternal grandfather of husband of my 5th cousin (link)
David O. Selznick  father-in-law of my 5th cousin (link) *
Jennifer Jones  wife of father-in-law of my 5th cousin (link) *
Robert Hudson Walker  husband of wife of father-in-law of my 5th cousin (link)

 * (Academy Award Winner)

Although you may be famous indeed, you are still living so you don’t make the cut. I realize these relationships are a stretch but with the Architect of a Religious movement  and two Oscar winners among this august clan, I’m going to claim them.
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