Benjamin Gertner’s letter of 20 Aug 1972

This is a letter (scan of original here) from Benjamin Gertner (1915-2013) to Alven Ghertner (1914-2012), my uncle. A letter sent from Jerusalem eight days later explains the name difference.

Ben mentioned Bob (Mordecai) Gertner and Levi Ghertner. My information shows (Levi (1936-?) was the son of Hanoch Ghertner, my grandfather Simon’s sibling (no clue as to gender). and he was living in Israel. I don’t know of Bob Ghertner.

Corina,  cousin living in Israel, told me of Simcha Ghertner (1938-1984) and Hascal Ghertner in Beer Sheva; Hascal was , who was a jeweler and who’d given her mother a gold necklace with a pearl to give to Corina. Simcha & Hascal were children of my grandfather Simon’s brother Hanoch. (for a bit more see this)

“Sunday 20 August 1972

Dear Alven,

Bob Gertner (Mordecai) is my 1st cousin. his father and my father were brothers. our grandfather (Mordecai Ghertner ) and your grandfather (Avraham Ghertner) were brothers. At any rate, Bob is probably related to you in the same way as I am. Who is Levi Ghertner? Where does he live? Is he related to me? I heard from Simcha that there are some Ghertner’s in Beersheva.

I am not sure when Michael will be back in Cincy. Tell Frank if he has the time and the [unreadable] to call Michael at the U. of C. Dept of Romance Languages. the phone number is 475-2663. I don’t know what Michael’s new number will be. The Holidays fall on weekends. Michael should be available on the 27-28 Sept. He sometimes comes home on weekends. You are doing Israel the best way and should see more in 10 days than most tourists see in three weeks. Your hotel in Hebrew is MELON DAVID MELECH. A few keywords at KEN is yes, LO is no. TODAH is thanks. MeVAKASHAH is please. TOV is good. BOKER TOV is good morning. LI LAH TOV is good nite.

Have a wonderful time. If there is anything else I can do or answer, please write.

Ben G.”

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