Photos Ghertner clan East

Simon’s brother Smil Arie/Lieb Ghertner (for more, click here), born 1875 in Roman, Romania to Avram & Pescia Abramovici. Smil and Fraga Frodel Cucosh had five children. Descendants of Smil-Lieb Ghertner (and his wife Fraga Frodel Cucosh) made their way from Romania to Israel.

  1. Victor Fraga Ghertner (1896-1992) married Surica Marcovici
  2. Anootza (Anuta) Chana/Ana/Hana Ghertner (1898 – 1990) Married Natan Ciuraru (Horenstein) (1898-1967)
  3. Moritz Meir Ghertner (1900-??) married Rashela ?
  4. Oscar Ghertner (1902 1905– 1983) married Anutza Meirovici
  5. Avraham Ghertner (1908 – 1988) married Amalia Mitza Haber


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  1. Corina says:

    1. my MOTHER’S grandma was FRAGA FRODEL GHERTNER, she died two weeks before I was born, so one of my names is Fraga (forest strawberry).
    2. my father Isaia Iancovici was a journalist and an editor, he worked by night to repair the mistakes, so his grand-daughter xxxx (our daughter) is also an editor at Yediot Aharonot – the most popular israeli newspaper.
    3. Ithac Grinberg is the father of Boris Grinberg and Ania Grinberg. Herman Ciuraru Horenstein was the brother of Puica Frema Ciuraru (my mother).
    4. Gary, please enter in GENI and write ACCEPT in my mother’s item so you can fix the mistake. (I am trying)

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