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My uncle’s wedding

My mom’s step-sister (for more see this) married Leslie G. Gruber (1921-1977) on 16 February 1947 in St. Francis County, Arkansas. I was very young and very ill at the time and being treated in St Louis Children’s Hospital by Dr. … Continue reading

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Pappy was a pilot, a hunter and a sailor.

This Luscome airplane was Pappy’s first; he bought it in the late 1940s. The story goes that Pappy had started the engine to warm it up, set the branches and got out. But the brakes let loose, Pappy grabbed a wing … Continue reading

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RIP Eduard Scharff (1857- 1917) & Esther Marx, Pappy’s parents

Eduard Scharff, (b. 11 Jan 1857 in Kleinfischlingen, Rhein Pfalz, Germany) emigrated to the United Sates at age 14. Previously I’d had no information as to when EL’s grandfather passed away. Eduard Scharff, residing in Welsh, Louisiana, USA applied for … Continue reading

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Whereabouts on April 15, 1940

From the 1940 US Census Although the 1940 US Census was released to the public last April 2nd, only a few states were indexed such that we could find people without reading through the entire ‘enumeration district’ and it is … Continue reading

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Shackin’ up, Em & Pappy style

Lynton “Pappy” Scharff lived in a Houston, Texas boarding house of Rena and Anne DeGroot (from Holland) at the time of the 1920 US Census. On 27 Oct. 1920, he married Jessie Grace Block. Eduard Lynton Scharff was born in … Continue reading

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EL Scharff and Elvis Presley

In October 2008, my uncle Lt. Col. Eduard Lynton “EL” Scharff (Ret.) told me that when Elvis Presley was inducted into the Army (in 1958), he was to have been assigned to (then) Capt. Scharff’s company. However, “EL” refused to … Continue reading

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Xmas break at Club Ozark

Little Rock, Arkansas was ground zero for the Block family in the 1950s as all the children of Joseph & Fay Block (Raymond, Samuel, Emma, Lewis and Grace) lived there. During Christmas break, the great grandchildren, the Block family Baby … Continue reading

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