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“”my great grandmother Rachel (Abrams) Fleisman built a house on West End Avenue (corner West End and Wilson) in Nashville, Tennesse which is still standing. She was extremely smart,and was the type person who used to say that she was as smart as any man and she was. She died in 1955 when I was 14 so I really got to know her. She ran my moms side of the family with an iron fist. “

August Picard left Alsace, France because he had killed a man in a duel.

Reminiscing about Dora Ghertner and her sisters here.

My brother also remembers Ada, Annie and Essie well. Ada was the boss of her sisters. When we visited their house, we’d always have a coke and try to sit in their recliner chair. On Saturdays during high school, he’d drive them (they’d have been about 80 years old then) to grocery shopping. They’d take their coupons and go for the best price, even if it meant he had to drive back to the first grocery store because the canned peaches were a nickel cheaper.

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