Photos of Block clan

In the header image are Lewis Block, Jr., Lewis Block, Grace Block, Mary Louise Levy, Mary Harris Block, Samuel Block, Ben Levy Jr., Lynton Scharff, Velma Block and Beatrice Block.

Solomon Block and his decendants.

His son, Joseph Friedman Block married Fanny Fay Levy in Little Rock on 24 Sep 1891; and they were great grandparents to me and my generation. Joseph was called “Bumpa” and Fay was known as “Dannie”. Their children, all born in Dallas, Texas,  were:

  1. Raymond Emile Block Sr. (1892-1968)
  2. Samuel Alexander Block (1893-1981)
  3. Emma Marie Block (1895-1980)
  4. Lewis Solomon Block Sr. (1898-1983)
  5. Jessie Grace Block (1899-1972)

The family of Raymond Block provided these pictures.


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