Tombstones can often be useful in family research. Sometimes the names of other family members appear on the stones. I found the website and this (link) useful in finding most of these photos. This is not an exact science as I’ve found what I believe are errors on three of these memorials.

  1. Lewis Solomon Block Sr.’s name is misspelled (as Soloman) (quite probably he was named for Solomon Block)
  2. Lewis Solomon Block Jr.’s name is misspelled (as Soloman)
  3. Simon Ghertner’s birth year is incorrect (it should be 1882)
Solomon Block and his wife Mary (Levinson) Block were buried at Jewish Rest Cemetery in Camden, Arkansas. There’s no longer a Jewish community in the town but the cemetery, which is fenced and locked, is still maintained by a landscaper; funding for this is provided by a trust fund. I spoke with the landscaper in January 2012 and he’s familiar with Solomon’s memorial stone.
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