Dora, Annie, Ada & Essie Cooper

Pink-Cadillac_100-Presized_LombardCruiseNight-_MG_0950After the death of Simon Ghertner on 6 February 1945,  Dora Ghertner continued to live in the 1702 Ashwood house ; the house had coal heat. This was our residence when the Blizzard of ’51 struck (see blog post here), My family lived there too until about 1952 when we moved to a newly built home at 4302 Esteswood in time for me to enter first grade. ‘Mama’ Ghertner came to live with us. Dora was ill (with diabetes and perhaps other ailments) and she required round the clock care provided by two nurses. One of them was Mrs. Riser (sp?) and she drove a pink Cadillac (right in my wheelhouse with the car shows I love). The pink Caddy below is a ’59 and Mrs. Riser was earlier that that, but this picture will have do for since I don’t see many pink Caddys.

My brother also remembers Ada, Annie and Essie well. Ada was the boss of her sisters. When we visited their house, we’d always have a coke and try to sit in their recliner chair. On Saturdays during high school, he’d drive them (they’d have been about 80 years old then) to grocery shopping. They’d take their coupons and go for the best price, even if it meant he had to drive back to the first grocery store because the canned peaches were a nickel cheaper.

Ada, Annie and Essie were close to a grand niece who had very fond memories of them. Ada bought her nieces’ first sewing machine from Sears; Annie drove her to work but there was a hole in the car roof so an umbrella was needed when it rained. Essie was very quiet and sweet.

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