Simon Ghertner Obituary & Birth Date Inconsistencies

Birth years that I’ve found for my grandfather are 1882, 1884, 1885 and 1887. The correct year may never be determined. The evidence leads to me to conclude that Simon Ghertner was born in Roman, Roumania on 25 August 1882.


Simon Ghertner’s Obituary

  1. 25 August 1882 is mentioned in his World War I draft registration, the contents of which were likely dictated by him. Simon Ghertner’s 25 August 1882 date of birth also appears on his 1945 death certificate.
  2. 1884 is mentioned in his obituary (above), his Who’s Who and the 1940 US Census.
  3. 1885 is mentioned as a calculated date on the 1920 and 1930 US Census records from the age given probably by his wife when the Census taker came to the house.
  4. 25 August 1887 is inscribed on his tombstone in Nashville. This could be an error attributable to the stone carver’s mistake. Alven Ghertner provided the 1882 date for the death certificate and might have also ordered the headstone.

The K.K.A.I. (Khal Kodesh Adath Israel) Synagogue of which Simon was a Director, is now the West End Synagogue on West End Avenue in Nashville.

Also explore here on the Mormon (Church of Latter Day Saints which is a major force in genealogy)

Simon Ghertner WWI Draft

Simon Ghertner WWI Draft Registration

Simon Ghertner Death Certificate

Simon Ghertner Death Certificate

Simon Ghertner

Simon Ghertner Tombstone

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