The ‘new’ Levy branch of my family tree

Madolyn Levy Marks

Madolyn Levy Marks

When we were young,   my brother and I and our  ‘1st cousins‘  visited Em & Pappy’s (grandparents) house in Little Rock, that city being ‘ground-zero’ for the maternal side of my family. My memories of those fun times during Christmas breaks are here. We knew many of the grandchildren of the ‘turn of the century’ Blocks & Levy’s and heard about even more whom I never met.  I contacted Madolyn Marks’ granddaughter, with whom I’d played poker in Little Rock at Emma’s house. When she remembered Madolyn’s maiden name was Levy, I was able to link the Block’s and Levy’s together and now count seven newly discovered 3rd cousins.

EG Levy, Jr.

EG Levy, Jr.

A Levy descendant attended summer camp at Camp Thunderbird in Bemidji, Minnesota (during it’s inaugural sesaon) and I’m quite sure his very favorable reviews influenced my mother to send my brother and I there too. And I have the pictures to prove it here and here

Grandchildren of the 1890s Block’s are 3rd cousins of the grandchildren of the 1890s Levy’s. The children born from my generation are great grandchildren of those same Block’s and Levy’s; thus those Block great grandchildren are fourth cousins of Levy great grandchildren.

Here’s the lineage.

Abraham Bloch (1810-1902) and Sarah (1828-1908) ); [they were my 3X great grandparents]. Their daughter Emma Bloch married Emile Levy (1847-1902)  [Emma and Emile Levy were my 2X great grandparents] and they had and six children:

  1. Alexander Levy (1871-?)
  2. Fanny Fay ‘Dannie’ Levy ((1873-1925) my great grandmother (link)
  3. Emanuel Gabe Levy, Sr. (1875-1937)
  4. Grace Levy (1876-?)
  5. Jeanette Levy Bainn (1886-?)
  6. Eugenia Levy (1888-?)
Joseph F Block & Fanny Levy Block 1925-1926

Joseph F Block & Fanny Levy Block 1925-1926

My great grandmother was Fanny Fay “Dannie’ Levy’ (1873-1925) married  was Joseph Friedman Block.(pages for Blocks here and photos)  Their children were:

  1. Raymond Emile Block, Sr. (1892-1968)
  2. Samuel Alexander Block  (1893-981)
  3. Emma Marie Block (1895-1980)
  4. Lewis Solomon Block Sr, (1898-1983)
  5. Jessie Grace Block (1899-1972)

Emanuel Gabe Levy Sr. (1875-1937) married Gertrude M (1879-?). They had three children, twin boys,and a girl. There are a few photos here.

  1. Madolyn J. Levy (1901-1989), who married Lester S. Marks (1892-?)
  2. Emanuel Gabe “EG” Levy, Jr. (2 Nov 1908 – 1991)
  3. Sol H Levy (2 Nov 1908 – 1983)




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