Shotgun apartment in 1940s

Shotgun_house_planDuring World War II, Em & Pappy’s family lived for a while in Muskogee, Oklahoma; and that’s where Faylese met Leslie. The Army base there is Camp Gruber.

They lived in a ‘shotgun’ apartment. There was no hallway, each room from front to back had a door that opened into the next room so there was very little privacy. EL lived there a while before he went overseas and Jean was there too (the best information I have on Leonard is he deployed after D-Day in Europe. Eddy (and I suppose Bette) stayed in the apartment after EL deployed. The popularity of this design declined after WWII (link)

Faylese and Leslie were married on February 16, 1947 and they lived in a ‘railroad apartment’, which was like a shotgun apartment but like railroad cars, there was a hallway with the rooms off to the side. The kitchen & breakfast room was in the back.

Elvis Presley, who served in the Army in the 1950s and was almost assigned to EL Scharff’s company (see link), was born in a shotgun house in Tupelo, Mississippi (see this link).

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