Education & Work – Ghertner’s in 1940


  • Simon Ghertner had completed 8 years of school
  • Dora Ghertner had completed 2 years of high school
  • Lenoard Ghertner had completed 3 years of College, and he became the first of us Ghertner’s to graduate from college
  • Alven & Jean Ghertner had both completed 1 year of college
  • Gerald Ghertner had competed 2 years of college
  • Janice Ghertner had completed 2 years of college and she told me one of her classmates was Sonny Capone, son of ‘Scarface’ Al Capone

Simon, Alven & Gerald all worked at Cullon & Ghertner Printing, which Simon had co-founded with John Cullom in 1906.

All three working Ghertner’s reported to the Census that they had earned Zero income for the year ending 31 December 1939.

  • Simon was owner/manager
  • Alven (25 ?) was salesman
  • Gerald (24) was some kind of executive, the form is illegible
  • the women did not work outside the home
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