Shor Hezkel, 2x great grandfather of my generation

Simon Ghertner

Simon Ghertner

I have Alven Simon Ghertner’s communication files with Ghertner relatives in Israel and I found the name of Shor Hezkel, who was my 2X great grandfather. Hezkel  is a name more commonly known as Ezekial. It is uncertain when the surname Ghertner was first used, as the same document listed his son as Shor Abraham. This man was Simon Ghertner’s grandfather and therefore the 2X great grandfather of my sibling and all my 1st cousins. Shor Abraham, son of Hezkel, and Pescia Abramovici were the parents of the Simon Ghertner and his siblings.

For my Ghertner 1st cousins and 2nd cousins in Israel, Hezkel was:

  • 2X great grandfather of you
  • 3X great grandfather of your children
  • 4X great grandfather of your grandchildren
  • 5X great grandfather of your great grandchildren
Smil Lieb Ghertner

Smil Lieb Ghertner

But wait, there’s more. Alven’s papers revealed that Simon Ghertner had six brothers and one sister. Known names of his brothers are Smil-Lieb (or Smil-Arie, note Arie is the Hebrew translation of ‘lion’ and Lieb is the Yiddush translation of ‘lion’), Shlomo (maybe Schmuel) and Hanoch. All of whom have descendants living in Israel and Alven met some of these people. Shor Hezkel was also the 2X great grandfather of these men’s children, three (two 2nd cousins and one 2nd cousin, once removed) of whom I’ve contacted.

  • Simon’s sibling Smil-Lieb had five children, four of whom emigrated to Israel
  • Simon’s sibling Shlomo, had six children, all of whom emigrated to Israel
  • Simon’s sibling Hanoch, had five children, all of whom emigrated to Israel

Simon had at least one sister, but her name isn’t known for sure (she married a man with a surname of Aizer and had two children). I find differing information on the other brothers.

  1. My 2nd cousin lists David & Hannah (both having emigrated to the USA) and Strul (Bacau, Romania).
  2. Alven’s records list Strul, David & Moshe (both to USA), Gittle (a sister, perhaps the wife of Mr. Aizer),



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