Many changes to the family Blog along with a new web address!

I recently purchased my ‘name’ on the Internet,,. This Blog is at and my revamped photo website is This gives me more flexibility and the WordPress software is more robust. It’s more extensible,  easier to organize photos into galleries and the site displays better on iPhones.

  • I added Yahrezeit page(s) and a calendar in the sidebars. Calendars show current date when they first display but you can change the date being viewed.
  • New, enhanced photo galleries for
  1. Block,
  2. Bloom,
  3. Ghertner (now in USA)
  4. Ghertner (now in Israel)
  5. Gruber
  6. Scharff,
  7. Terry
  • I discovered that Lynton “Pappy” Scharff was stationed at (least) three stateside Army bases during World War II (his military page here)
  • New information has been posted about the family of Simon Gherner’s brother Smil (click here) and many pictures of his family at at this page.
  • And descendants of possibly a second brother of Simon Ghertner, Shlomo Schmuel Ghertner in Israel after having made ‘alya’ from Romania
  • Descendants of possibly a third brother of Simon Ghertner, Hanoch Ghertner in Israel after having made ‘alya’ from Romania, Alven Ghertner communicated with them and helped them with money and clothes
  • Gerald Horace Ghertner served in General George S. Patton’s Troubleshooter’s Batallion in Europe during World War II


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