Xmas at Em & Pappy’s – Redux

Somehow I remembered more from Christmas vacations in Little Rock. (Updated original post here.)  The page header photo you see was shot in living room of Em & Pappy’s house, ‘Club Ozark, and the individuals are (L to R) : Leonard C. Ghertner (1917-2002) , Benjamin L. Levy Jr. (1923-1999), Leslie G. Gruber (1921-1977), Abe Sklar Rosen (1917-2008) and Eduard L. Scharff (1923-2009).

Em Scharff

Em Scharff

Second (Block’s) and third (Levy’s) cousins who lived in Little Rock joined in and we played poker in Em’s wood paneled den with a huge oriental rug. We had small wooden trains and we used the straight line patterns on the edges the rug as ‘tracks’. Em also taught us to make prank phone calls.

Pappy had a gun closet in his bedroom, by the bed. We grandchildren were told never to go in there. I did open the door once and saw some shotguns; his 45 automatic was also inside.

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