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Shotgun apartment in 1940s

During World War II, Em & Pappy’s family lived for a while in Muskogee, Oklahoma; and that’s where Faylese met Leslie. The Army base there is Camp Gruber. They lived in a ‘shotgun’ apartment. There was no hallway, each room … Continue reading

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Reposting with newly discovered pictures

Pappy was a pilot,a hunter and a sailor. Here’s are two 1966 sailing pictures of Pappy and a 1965 photo of his Piper Comanche. More on the Comanche. Tail number: N 5108P Fixed wing single engine with landing gear Single … Continue reading

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Em was the “Head of Household” in 1940

In the center of this page header photo is Lynton “Pappy” Scharff (1897-1985) agt the time of his Bar Mitzvah in Germany circa 1910. As I said earlier, the 1940 US Census became available to the public last April. However … Continue reading

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Shackin’ up, Em & Pappy style

Lynton “Pappy” Scharff lived in a Houston, Texas boarding house of Rena and Anne DeGroot (from Holland) at the time of the 1920 US Census. On 27 Oct. 1920, he married Jessie Grace Block. Eduard Lynton Scharff was born in … Continue reading

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EL Scharff and Elvis Presley

In October 2008, my uncle Lt. Col. Eduard Lynton “EL” Scharff (Ret.) told me that when Elvis Presley was inducted into the Army (in 1958), he was to have been assigned to (then) Capt. Scharff’s company. However, “EL” refused to … Continue reading

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