Questions asked on the 1880 US Census (10th)

1880 US Census Questions (see blank form) (see Census site here for 1880)
Rutherford B Hayes

Rutherford B Hayes

U.S. President: Rutherford B. Hayes

Population: 38,558,371
Census Date: 1 June 1880
Time allowed: 1 month
US states: 38

The 1880 Census was the first U.S. Census to record the relationship between household members and the head of household. Thirty-eight states were enumerated in the 1880 census, plus the territories of: Arizona, Dakota, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Non-organized Alaska was also enumerated, but the “Indian Territory” (now Oklahoma) was not enumerated for non-Indians.

  1. Dwelling houses numbered in the order of visitation
  2. families numbered in the order of visitation
  3. name of every person whose usual place of abode on the first day of June, 1850, was his this family
  4. color – white, black, mulatto, Chinese, Indian
  5. sex – male, female
  6. age at last birthday prior to June 1, 1880. If under 1 year, give months in fractions, thus 3/12
  7. if born within the census year, give the month
  8. relationship of each person to the head of this family – whether wife, son, daughter, servant, boarder, or other.
  9. Civil condition:single
  10. married
  11. widowed, divorced (d)
  12. married during census year
  13. Profession, occupation or trade of each person, male or female
  14. Number of months this person has been unemployed during the census year
  15. is the person (on the day of the enumerator’s visit) sick or temporarily disabled, so as to be unable to attend to ordinary business or duties? If so, what is the sickness or disability?
  16. blind
  17. deaf & dumb
  18. idiotic
  19. insane
  20. maimed, crippled, bedridden or otherwise disabled.
  21. attended school within the census year.
  22. cannot read
  23. cannot write
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