Yahrzeit is observed on the Shabbat following the anniversary of a person’s passing. For simplicity, I am using the Western calendar rather than Hebrew because that would be too unwieldy for me. See this link.

Yahrtzeit is a Yiddish word that means “anniversary,” and is used specifically to refer to the day on which a person passed away. On the day of the yahrtzeit, there are various customs one can do to honor the memory of the departed. As with kaddish and yizkor, the observance of the yahrtzeit, particularly for parents, has the ability to bring great benefit and merit to the soul of the departed.

This calendar first displays the current date regardless of the page you are viewing but it can be rolled forward to a date in which you are interested.

Name Birth Date Birth place Death Date Death place Relationship
Alven Simon Ghertner 19-Apr-14 Nashville, Tennessee> 25-Mar-2012 Nashville, Tennessee son of Simon Ghertner
Andrew Jackson Ghertner 12-Jul-1976 Berwyn, Illinois 19-Jan-1999 Henderson, Nevada grandson of Frances Jean Bloom
Anootza Chana (Ghertner) Ciuraru Jul 1898 Targu’ Ocna, Romania Abt Jul 1990 Ghivat Smuel, Israel daughter of Smil-Lieb Ghertner
August Picard 1812 France 28 Jun 1872 Vicksburg, Mississippi Ben Levy’s great grandfather
Avram Ghertner 22-Mar-1905 Roumania 13-Nov-1988 Israel son of Smil-Lieb Ghertner
Beatrice Goldie (Wollstein) Block 22-May-1896 Bavaria, Germany 13-Jul-1986 Memphis, Tennessee wife of Samuel Alexander Block
Benjamin Louis Levy, Jr 1928 New Orleans, Louisiana 21-Jun-1905 Mary Louis Block’s husband
Benjamin Louis Levy,Sr 1895 Port Gibson, Mississippi 13-Dec-1960 Shreveport, Louisiana Ben Levy’s father
Bertha Picard 16 Dec 1855 New York City 7-Feb-1907 Port Gibson, Mississippi Ben Levy’s great grandmother
Bette/Betty Catherine (Terry) Scharff 12/7/1924 Alabama 16-Nov-1963 Okinawa Eduard Lynton (EL) Scharff’s wife
Caro Inez (Weil) Levy 07 Aug 1896 New Orleans, Louisiana 13-Dec-1962 Shreveport, Louisiana Ben Levy’s mother
Charles A Bloom Jun 1858 Pine Bluff, Ark 7-Feb-1905 Pine Bluff, Ark my great grandfather
Charles Albert “Charlie” Taliaferro 22 Feb 1884 Arkansas 10-Jun-1943 Grant, Arkansas Velma Block’s father
Dora Ella (Cooper) Ghertner 17 OCT 1880 Russia 2-Mar-1959 Nashville, Tennessee my grandmother
Faylese (Scharff) Gruber 29-Oct-1926 Houston, Tx. 21-Feb-2015 Memphis, Tn. My 1st cousin, 1X removed 21
Eduard Lynton “EL” Scharff 2-Feb-23 Houston, Texas 20-Mar-2009 Little Rock, Ark Lynton Scharff’s son
Elisha Harrison Duvall 22 May 1825 Walker, Alabama Sep 1861 Arkansas Velma’s great grandfather
Eliza Isabel Bailey 25 Nov 1829 Charleston, South Carolina 24 Oct 1899 Grant, Arkansas Velma’s Blockgreat grandmother
Eliza Ruth DuVall Aug 1858 Arkansas 19-Jun-1910 Grant, Arkansas Velma Block’s grandmother’
Emma Marie (Bloom) (Block) Scharff 15 MAY 1895 Dallas, Tx 25 MAY 1895 Little Rock, Ark my great grandmother
Fanny Fay “Dannie” (Levy) Block 28 SEP 1873 Little Rock, Ark 14-Oct-1925 Little Rock, Ark Wife of Joseph Friedman Block
Ferdinand Eisenkramer 29 Sep 1834 20-Oct-1918 Helene Block’s grandfather
Fraga Frodel (Cucosh) Ghertner 12-Feb-1905 Roumania Abt Jun 1957 Roumania wife of Smil-Lieb Ghertner
Frances Jean (Bloom) 30-Oct-1921 Pine Bluff, Ark 20-Oct-1978 Nashville, Tennessee my mother
Frank Samuel Fleisman 25 JUL 1892 Nashville, Tennessee 29-Dec-1970 Nashville, Tennessee Jean Fleisman’s father
Gerald Horace Ghertner 9-Apr-1916 Nashville, Tennessee 21-May-1997 Atlanta, Georgia my great geandmother
Grace (Rhine) Bloom 1899 Albany,New York 12-Dec-1926 Pine Bluff, Ark my great grandmother
Harriette Beer May 1825 Alsace, France 15-Dec-1900 Port Gibson, Mississippi Ben Levy’s grandmother
Helene (Eisenkramer) Block 20 Apr 1898 Pine Bluff, Ark 30-Oct-1973 Little Rock, Ark Raymond Emile Block Sr’s wife
Henriette Coter 3-Mar-1905 Dorohoi, Roumania 13-May-1905 Bucuresti, Romania mother of Isaia Iancovici
Henry S. Levy 1852 France 12 Dec 1895 Port Gibson, Mississippi Ben Levy’s great grandfather
Herman Eisenkramer 7 Jan 1839 Simmertal Rhineland, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany 7-Oct-1910 New York,New York Helene Block’s grand uncle
Herman Nicu Ciuraru 16-Jan-1922 Pitesti, Romania 21-Sep-1988 Ghivat Smuel, Israel son of Anootza Ghertner
Hyman Stoltz 25 MAR 1887 Vilna, Lithuania 6-May-1954 Memphis, tennessee Helene’s brother-in-law
Isaia Iancovici 28-Mar-1905 Bucuresti Roumania abt Jun 1997 Petah Tikva, Israel son-in-law of Anootza Ghertner
Janice M (Magid) Ghertner 8-Oct-1920 Providence, RI 3-Jun-2011 Marietta, Georgia wife of Gerald H Ghertner
Jean (Fleisman) Ghertner 5-Jun-15 Nashville, Tennessee 25-Dec-2005 Nashville, Tennessee wife of Alven Simon Ghertner
Jessie Grace (Block) Scharff 6 JUL 1899 Dallas, Texas Oct-72 Little Rock, Ark daughter of Joseph F Block
John Edward “Ed” Block 29-Jan-1905 Camden,Ark 1929 Dallas,Tx Son of Solomon & Mary Block
John Rhine Bloom 3 Nov 1884 Pine Bluff, Ark 7-Jul-1935 Austin, Tx my grandfather
John Samuel Taliaferro 15 Jan 1860 Louisiana 18 Oct 1891 Grant, Arkasnas Velma Block’s grandfather
Joseph Friedman Block 7 FEB 1860 Camden,Ark 8-Sep-1953 Little Rock, Ark Son of Solomon & Mary Block
Judith Feibelmann 6-Nov-1904 Weiler, Ahrweiler, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany 12 Mar 1828 Weiler, Ahrweiler, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany Helene Block’s great great grandmother
Karolina Eisenkramer 13 Mar 1832 Simmern Dhaun Simmertal A Rhine, Germany 12 Mar 1866 Gonnesweiler, Sankt Wendel, Saarland, Germany Helene Block’s grand aunt
Leonard Cooper Ghertner 27-Oct-1917 Nashville, Tennessee 4-Dec-2002 Palm Beach, Florida; USA my father
Leslie Gilbert Gruber 23-May-21 Memphis, Tennessee 19-Dec-1977 Memphis, Tennessee my uncle
Lewis Solomon Block Jr 2-Nov-26 Little Rock, Ark 22-Mar-83 Little Rock, Ark son of Lewis Block Sr
Lewis Solomon Block Sr 25 MAY 1898 Dallas, Texas 14-Jun-83 Little Rock, Ark son of Joseph F Block
Loeb “Leopold” Levy Oct 1827 Durrenbach, Alsace, France 30-Aug-07 Port Gibson, Mississippi Ben Levy’s grandfather
Lucy Caroline Fenter 20 Dec 1890 Grant, Arkansas 25-Apr-1973 Houston, Texas Velma Block’s mother
Lynton Lazarus Scharff 7 MAR 1897 Jennings, La 17-May-1985 Little Rock, Ark husband of Grace & then Emma Block
Marianna Marx 2 Jun 1877 Rachtig, Trier, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany 2 Jun 1877 Laufersweiler, Rhein-Hunsruck-Kreis, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany Helene Block’s great grandmother
Marianna Marx 8-Dec-1904 Rachtig, Trier, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany 2 Jun 1877 Laufersweiler, Rhein-Hunsruck-Kreis, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany Helene block’s great grandmother
Mary (Harris) Block 20-Jan-02 15-Sep-87 Little Rock, Ark wife of Lewis Block, Sr
Mary (Levinson) Block 25 DEC 1837 Russia 11-Jul-16 Chicago, Il my great great grandmother
Mary Louise (Block) Levy 29-Apr-23 Little Rock, Ark 5-Mar-09 Raton Rouge,La daughter of Lewis Solomon block
Mathilda Weil 1867 Louisiana 15-Jan-1921 New Orleans, Louisiana Ben Levy’s grandmother
Max Eisenkramer 1 Jan 1800 Weiler, Ahrweiler, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany 23 Oct 1864 Simmertal A Rhine, Germany Helene Block’s great grandfather
Max Eisenkramer 1 Jan 1800 Weiler, Ahrweiler, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany 23 Oct 1864 Simmertal A Rhine, Germany Helene Block’s great grandmother
Max Eisenkramer 7 Feb 1872 Frankfurt A, Germany 6-Nov-1941 Pine Bluff, Ark Helene Block’s father
Miriam (Eisenkramer) Stoltz 16-Mar-1900 Pine Bluff, Ark 2-Jan-1993 Houston, Tx Helene Block’s sister
Morris Fleisman 15 AUG 1852 Nashville, Tennessee 17-May-1937 Jean Fleiman grandfather
Moritz-Meir Ghertner abt 1900 Targu Ocna, Roumania son of Smil-Lieb Ghertner
Natan Ciuraru 29 Mar 1889 Husi, Roumania abt Jul 1967 Israel husband of Anootza Ghertner
Oscar Ghertner 19-Mar-1905 Targu Ocna, Roumania 5-Jun-1905 Kiryat Ata, Israel son of Smil-Lieb Ghertner
Paul Frederick Gruber 21 MAR 1897 Ia?i, Roumania 4-Aug-1958 Memphis, Tennessee Leslie Gruber’s father
Raymond Emile Block, Sr 28 AUG 1892 Dallas,Tx 3-Jul-1968 Little Rock, Ark Son of Joseph & Fanny “Danny” Block
Raymond Emile Block Jr 27-Feb-1918 Little Rock, Ark 15-Oct-1993 Little Rock, Ark Son of raymond, Sr
Rena (Strauss) Eisenkramer 6 Mar 1875 Arkansas 9-Mar-1939 Pine Bluff, Ark Helene Block’s great grandmother
Robert Allen Rosen 04-July-1947 Little Rock, Ark 24-Dec-2013 Little Rock, Ark grandson of Samuel A. Block
Rosalie Soltz 21-Jan-1916 Pine Bluff, Ark 28-Jan-2010 Arkadelphia, Ark Helene Block’s niece
Robert Allen Rosen 4-Jul-1947 Little Rock, Ar. 24-Dec-2013 Little Rock, Ar. my 2nd cousin
Samuel “Sam” Weil 1859 New Orleans, Louisiana 17-Sep-36 New Orleans, Louisiana Ben Levy’s grandfather
Samuel Alexander Block Aug 1865 Mississippi 12-Dec-1926 Pine Bluff, Ark Son of Joseph & Fanny “Danny” Block
Simon Eisenkramer 4-Feb-1905 Weiler, Ahrweiler, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany 17 Jun 1820 Helene Block’s great great grandfather
Simon Ghertner 25 Aug 1882 Roman, Roumania 6-Feb-1945 Nashville, Tennessee my grandfather
Solomon Block 5 APR 1826 Bohemia 22 OCT 1886 Camden,Ark my great great grandfather
Solomon G Rhine 27 Jul 1829 Bavaria, Germany 20 Aug 1875 Memphis, tennessee my great great grandfather
Theresia Baum 15 Jan 1844 3-Mar-1929 Helene Block’s grandmother
Velma Pauline (Taliaferro) Block 13-Mar-1926 Fenter, Arkansas 8-May-2011 Little Rock, Ark Raymond E block Jr’s wife
Victor Fraga Ghertner 10-Mar-1905 Targu Ocna, Roumania 14-Jun-1905 Israel son of Smil-Lieb Ghertner
Wolfgang Baum abt 1810 Bosen 16 Feb 1853 Bosen Helene Block’s great grandfather

Blood relatives are color coded.

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