Carolyn Gray LeMaster (1927-2013)

Carolyn Gray LeMaster

Carolyn Gray LeMaster

Ms. LeMaster passed away 18 Nov. 2013.  She was not a family member but she was an author of a book on the Jews of Arkansas in which she described accomplishments of many of our ancestors. Her book, A Corner of the Tapestry: a history of the Jewish experience in Arkansas, 1820s-1990s was published in 1994 in Fayetteville by University of Arkansas Press.

Most of the individuals she discussed were men; she wrote about business, political, cultural, entertainment accomplishents which weren’t widely open to women at when our  ‘names’ made their names. I remember very few of the women in the family had jobs outside the home. Among the names (in our family tree) whose lives are mentioned in the book are:

  • Camden
    • Solomon Block (1826-1886) (link)
    • Mary Levinson Block (1837-1916) (link)
  • Little Rock
    • Joseph F. “Bompa” Block (1860-1953) (link)
    • Lewis Solomon Block, Sr. (1898-1983) (link)
    • Raymond Emile Block, Sr.(1892-1968) (link)
    • Samuel Alexander Block (1893-1981) (link)
    • Lewis Solomon Block, Jr. (1926-1983) (link)
    • Mark Joseph Block (1918-1968) (link)
    • E.G. Levy, Sr. (1875-1937) (link)
    • Elizabeth Pfeifer (Mrs. EG Levy, Jr.)  (1911-1989) (link)
    • Lazarus Lynton Scharff (1897-1985) (link)
  • Pine Bluff
    • Helene Eisenkramer Block (Mrs. Raymond Emile Block) (1898-1973) (link)
    • John Bloom (1832-1883) and Fannie Bloom (1833-1879) (link)
    • Max Eisenkramer and Irene “Rena” (Strauss) Eisenkramer (link)
    • Isaac Altschul (1825 – 1898) (link)
    • Emanuel Buckingham “Buck” Bloom (1865-1938) (link)
    • Simon Bloom (1861-1931) and Sophia (Rhine) Bloom (1869-?) (link)
    • Sol N. Bloom (1892-?) (link)
    • Dr. Alvin Strauss, Sr. (1890 – 1955) (link)
    • Mrs. Tracye (Altschul) Strauss, Sr. (1893 – 1961) (link)
    • Dr. Alvin Strauss, Jr. (link)

    My copy came of this book from the Ohavay Zion Synagogue in Lexington, Ky.

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