The Pine Bluff connection

The family of my maternal grandfather, John Rhine Bloom (1864-1935) had been in Pine Bluff since the 1850s. His wife was Emma Marie Block (1895-1980). John and Emma were married in Pine Bluff on 17 December 1917. Their daughter was my mother, Jean, was born in Pine luff.

Helene Goree Eisenkramer (1898-1973), who married Raymond Emile Block, Sr. (1892-1968) was also born in Pine Bluff. They were married in Pine Bluff on 4 March 1917.

The children (Alvin Sr., Mae Louise and Mildred)  of  Alexander Hamilton Strauss (1861-1932) and May Weil (1870 – 1953) were also born in Pine Bluff between 1890 and 1899. Alvin Strauss, Sr. had moved to Little Rock when he married Tracye Altschul on 19 May 1918.

As the Jewish community was small, Helene may have known John & Emma Bloom in Pine Bluff even before those families moved to Little Rock.

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