Em was the “Head of Household” in 1940

In the center of this page header photo is Lynton “Pappy” Scharff (1897-1985) agt the time of his Bar Mitzvah in Germany circa 1910.

As I said earlier, the 1940 US Census became available to the public last April. However not all states were indexed at the same time so to find someone in an unindexed state was akin to finding a book the library without a card catalog. Just recently, Arkansas became searchable and I zeroed in on Em and Pappy.

On the Census form, Emma Bloom was listed as ‘Head’ of the household and Lynton L Scharff was ‘brother-in-law’ of the head of household (although the hand writing on the form is  difficult to read). The Census was enumerated April 15th and Em & Pappy were married on 15 June 1940. Jean (Frances J) was also living in the household at 3719 West Markham (in Little Rock, Arkansas) as were ‘Edward L’ [sic], nephew (of the head of household). This sounds like the living arrangement I described in a earlier post here.

  • The rent was a princely sum of $ 60 per month
  • Em and Pappy’s marital status appear to have confused the census taker as he assumed they were married, but crossed it out
  • Em was a ‘Real Estate” “Sales Lady” and ‘earned’ $ 2,000 in 1939 working 52 weeks.
  • Pappy was “Manager” but I cannot decipher the Industry; and he ‘earned’ $ 300 in 1939 working 52 weeks.
  • Jean, EL  were in school and EL was engaged in ‘housework’
  • Pappy’s birthplace was listed as Texas which is a contradiction of all other records indicating Jennings. Louisiana.
  • On April 1, 1935, Em & Jean had resided in Austin, Texas (which is where John Bloom passed away on 7 July 1935)
  • On April 1, 1935, Pappy, EL had been living in Houston, Texas.

Education – highest grade of school attended:

  • Em – Elementary 8
  • Jean, age 18, High School 4
  • Pappy,  ‘c4’  College 4, although the writing is sloppy and also looks like ‘e4’
  • EL, age 17, High School 3


 1940 US Census,Em & Pappy as yet unmarried

1940 US Census, Em & Pappy as yet unmarried

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