‘Cupid’s Dart’ announces Block-Levy nuptials

J.F. Block and Fay Levy Betrothed

This press clipping (that their daughter, Em, had saved) states the reception was on Sunday Sep 20. and notes in the margin of the clipping indicate the wedding was 1884 or 1885. The Mormon Church genealogy website indicates Joseph F. Block and Fay Levy were married 24 Sep 1891. September 20 was a Sunday in 1885 and 1891. Fay Levy (b. 28 Sep 1873) was only 11 years old on 24 Sep 1885 so the 1891 date is more likely correct.  The reception from 3 to 9PM on Sunday 20 Sep 1891 preceded the 7AM (see below) wedding on Thursday 24 Sep 1891. Rabbi Charles Rubenstein served the B’Nai Israel Congregation from 1891 to 1897 ( see LeMaster page 61).

The Arkansas Democrat used a full column to cover the event. As it is difficult to read, I’ve excerpted what I can read alongside the newspaper copy.

Cupid’s Dart

He Captures One of Little Rock’sJ.F. Block and Fay Levy
Sweetest (?) Jewish Maidens

“The marriage, at 7 O’Clock this morning, of Mr. J.F.
Block and Miss Fay [Levy], eldest daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Emile Levy, formerly of Batesville, Ark. now of
Little Rock”

“Known to Jewish circles of this city “..”The DEMOCRAT seldom has a more pleasant duty to perform than to record the consummation of such a contract, holy to God and man.”

“.. where Rabbi Rubenstein,of the congregation B’Nai Israel, performed the ceremony that was beautiful in it’s simplicity,holy in it’s impressiveness, binding together for better or worse, for life and for eternity, Joseph F. Block and Miss Fay Levy.”

“To be married and be given in marriage is simply the
quintessence of happiness, as evidenced ever since the world
began, but it is to be questioned.”

“The young bride is possessed of every gift that is expected in
a perfect woman and is of the brunette type of beauty.”

J.F Block and Fay Levy

“It is only necessary to mention that Mr. J. E. Block, an elder brother of Mr J.F. Block, selected for his life mate an aunt of Miss Levy, Miss Ray, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Bloch.The letter “k” is the only distinguishing difference in the spelling of the two names, but excepting this there is no existing blood relation. He is a member of the large wholesale commission firm of Block Bros. of Dallas, is a young man just at the opening of life’s realities, being yet in the early twenties, already has an abundance of this world’s necessities, and has added the one thing needful for the accomplishment of all that an appreciative and anticipating heart could wish.”

“Mrs. Block was becomingly attired in a traveling costume of tan cashmere and velvet,
diamond ornaments.”

“The presents were numerous and handsome,
many being very valuable.”

“The dining halls of Mr. Bloch’s home never exhibited
a more radiant experience than on this occasion, and
the guests did ample justice to the sumptuous repast
awaiting them.”

“The 8 O’Clock Cannon Ball this morning carried the
happy couple Texas-ward, to Dallas, which city will
be their future home”

“The DEMOCRAT joins with hosts of others in wishing
long life and much prosperity to the newly married couple.
May happiness always attend them.”

Reference: LeMaster, C G (1994), A Corner of The Tapestry: a History of the Jewish Experience in Arkansas 1820s-1990s, Fayettville, Ark, University of Arkansas Press. p 61

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